Macedonia Baptist Church is an autonomous Baptist church that has voluntarily chosen to be affliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Our allegiance, however, is to the Lord Jesus Christ and the sufficiency of the Word of God. The doctrinal statement of Macedonia Baptist Church is the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message which is derived from the New Hampshire Confession of Faith of 1833. To read more about our beliefs go to www.sbc.net and link to the 2000 Baptist Faith and message. Each person is strongly encouraged to read this doctrinal statement in its entirety and to search the accompanying Scriptural references.

church history

Macedonia Baptist Church was constituted on July 29, 1853, in what was then known as Benton County. It was later changed to Cleburne in December 1866. Alabama had only been a State for 34 years when our church began, and there were only 31 states in 1853.

There have been 49 pastors (including interim), and several served as pastor more than once.

Macedonia has grown throughout the years replacing wooden buildings with brick sanctuary, fellowship hall, and Sunday School rooms, including a two-story building.

A new sanctuary was built and dedicated on April 7, 2002. The former sanctuary is still in use today. It houses the nursery as well as children’s classes. On Easter Sunday 2016, the East wing was dedicated. The wing added another entrance and seats to the sanctuary.

Macedonia is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. We cooperate locally as a member of the Cleburne Baptist Association and the Alabama Baptist Convention.

Today Macedonia is a flagship church in our county and the Cleburne Baptist Association.