A church is not a church unless it is personal. No one is looking for an institutional approach to church; rather, people desire an individual approach to church. Sunday School does just that!


Sunday School puts a face and a smile on the church. Attending one of our classes will afford you the opportunity to get to know who Macedonia really is. You see, Sunday School is a place to build relationships with others; it is a place to go where you are known, loved and cared for, all while growing in your walk & the Word.


BARNABAS CLASS (Wallace Graves)
SEEKERS ( Pete Jackson, Billy Brooks)
TESTIMONY ( Couch Whitley, DeLane Widener)
ABUNDANT LIFE (Mike Gibbs, Mack Ledbetter)
FAITH CLASS (Carole Benefield, Rhonda Cason)
JOY & SUNSHINE CLASS (Shirley Balenger, Carolyn Cantrell)
FELLOWSHIP CLASS (Chad Young, Jeffery Hornsby)
COUPLES R US (Steven Ledbetter, Joey Tucker)
OBEDIENCE (Shane Bivin)
COLLEGE & CAREER (Chase & Brooklyn Whitley)
SINGLE LADIES (Cindy Lovvorn , Ariane Cook)