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Wed, Apr 14, 2021

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Sermons-Sermon Notes

Series: The Disciples Life
Mess: A Sovereign Triumph
Text: Luke 24:1-12 (4/4/21 AM)
Three stunning days of Redemption changed the world forever. His Trials, Crucifixion, and Resurrection. Easter is the linchpin of Christianity. Without it, Jesus is merely as misguided martyr and His Church delusional zealots. With it, He validates every claim of Scripture and Hope of humanity. Today we’ll investigate the insights of seven visitors from His Tomb.
1st His Foes (Matt 27:66; 28:4) “They…sealed the stone and set the guard”
Key: No power on earth could keep Christ in the tomb!
Since the Garden, Satan and his allies have conspired to silence the Son.
2nd The First-fruits (7) “The Son must be delivered…crucified…rise again”
Key: Now, no power on earth can keep His Children in the grave.
Satan was crushed, Creation rejoiced, and the Grave was vanquished!
3rd The Father (2) “The found the stone rolled away from the tomb…”
Key: Fridays Sacrificial Lamb emerged as Sunday’s conquering King!
The Father, who received His Spirit on Friday, returned it on Sunday!
4th The Faithful (1-3; 10) “They…came to the tomb brining the spices…”
Key: God rewards the committed who faithfully follow Him.
God rewarded the faithfulness of the women.
5th The Forerunners (4-6) “Two men stood by them…He is not here…Risen!”
Key: God still needs faithful couriers to herald the Easter story.
The heavenly messengers remind us of the urgency of the Gospel.
6th The Faithless (9; 11) “They told all these things…they did not believe”
Key: Faith is the currency of the kingdom.
Like the twelve, people in every generation struggle with Easter’s story.
7th The Forgiven (12) “Peter arose and ran to the tomb…departed marveling”
Key: God can work in the lives of those who come to Him.
Peter’s story of restoration gives us all hope!
Application to life: We celebrate Easter annually, but God intended us to live in the power of the Resurrection daily (Phil 3:10). By faith we become the contemporary witnesses of the Empty Tomb. Our watching world needs to hear the story of Easter – “He is not here, but is risen!”
Series: The Disciples Life
Message: A Supreme Sacrifice
The Passion of Christ
Text: Luke 22:33-46 (AM 3/28/21)
Easter. It means different things to different people. Our culture floods the airways, social media and stores with images of easter bunnies, candy baskets and colorful clothes. Families think of special times of fellowship around the table with loved ones. These images shroud Heavens view of Easter. One word captures the Father’s idea of Easter – Sacrifice. The Supreme Sacrifice of His Son. Jesus walked the planet for 33 years. His ministry spanned 3.5 years. His mission is encapsuled in Passion Week.  Bookend by Palm Sunday’s Triumphal entry and Easter’s Conquest of Sin and the Grave. Calvary is the crescendo of His Passion and human history!
1st Creations Coronation (19:36-40) “Blessed is the King who comes…”
     Key: May we crown Him when others deny Him
2nd The Crowds Condemnation (23:33-38) “The rulers with them sneered...”
      Key: May we claim Him when others deride Him
3rd Christ’s Crucifixion (23:47) “Calvary, there they crucified Him…”
     Key: May we confess Him when others discount Him
His Battle (22:39-46) “Not My will but Yours be done…”
His Betrayal (22:47-62) “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man…”
He is Berated (22:63-71) “The men who held Jesus mocked Him…”
He is Beaten (23:13-18) “I will therefore chastise Him…”
He is Bound (23:33-38) “Then they crucified Him…”
He Bore (23:44-66) “The sun was darkened…the veil torn”
4th The Criminals Confirmation (39-43) “Lord, remember me…”
      Key: May we choose Him when others denounce Him
The division of the world (33) “One on the right hand…other on left”
The delusion of works (41) “We receive the due reward or our deeds…”
The decision of our will (42) “Lord, remember me…”
Application to life: The Passion of Christ, for us, should move us to decision. The Cross beckons us to Crown Him, Claim Him, Confess Him and Choose Him above all others. You are the motive for God’s supreme demonstration of love. What is your response today to His Passion?