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Sun, Feb 28, 2021

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Sermons-Sermon Notes

Series: The Disciple Life
Message: A Serving Life
Text: Luke 12:35-48 (AM 2/28/21)
Every true Saint of God would confess that their passion in life is to be like Jesus. Someone has astutely said, “We are most like Jesus when we serve others.” Remember that success in the Fathers eyes is simply faithfulness. In the parable of the Wise and Foolish Steward Jesus masterfully illustrates His expectations for His Followers – A Life of Service. Anyone can serve, but only His Disciples can find this fulfillment in His purpose.
Let’s discover the joy and fulfillment of a Life of Service in His Kingdom. 
1st A Servants Reminder (40) “The Son of Man is coming…unexexpected!”
     Key: Faithful servants Anticipate His return.
2nd A Servant is Rewarded (37) “The Son of Man…will come & serve them”
      Key: Faithful servants are Amazed by His Grace.
3rd A Servant is Ready (42) “Who then is that faithful and wise steward…?”
      Key: Faithful servants are Attune to His Business.
4th A Servants Responsibility (48b) “Whom much is given…much is required”
     Key: Faithful servants are Aware of their purpose.
Find your place: Focus on your passion; Fulfill your purpose.
5th A Servants Rule (44) “He will make him ruler over all that He has…”
     Key: Faithful servants influence here is Applied in the Kingdom of Heaven. 
6th A Servants Remorse (45-48a) “That servant who knew…& did not prepare”
     Warning: Unfaithful servants will be admonished by the Master.
7th A Servant Rejoices (43) “Blessed is that servant whom his master finds…”
     Key: Faithful servants will be affirmed by Jesus here and in hereafter.
Application to my life: Someone has humorously said many in the Church today are sitting, soaking and soaring! How do we avoid being counted in that group? Serve! Those who embrace this Habit of the Disciple soon discover the joy of ministry in the Kingdom thru His Church. Service is not a job or burden, but genuine joy! The question that has plagued man since the dawn of time is finally answered…This is my purpose in life!
Series: A Disciples Life
Message: A Successful Life
Text: Luke 12:22-34 (AM 2/21/21)
What is the measure of true success? It depends on who you ask. Our self-centered Humanistic Culture has descended into the abyss of hedonism. Many define success in possessions, some position or power, others popularity and for a few, it’s an endless party. Jesus introduces His followers to a whole different paradigm. Success, for the Saint in God’s eyes, is to be immersed in His Kingdom. Let’s explore His definition of the Successful Life.
I. Trust your Father (22-28) “If God clothes the grass…will He clothe you?” 
Christian Stewards rest in God’s sufficiency for their lives.
Do not worry…
He sees our needs (22-23) “Do not worry about your life…”
He supplies our needs (24-26) “Of how much more value are you…”
He strengthens our faith (27-28) “He will clothe you, you of little faith..”
II. Trade your Focus (29-31) “Seek first the kingdom of God…”
Christian Stewards revolutionize their purpose in life.
Discover genuine purpose…
Rest in His supply (30) “Your Father knows you need these things…”
Redefine your success (31a) “Seek (first) the kingdom of God…”
Realize His sufficiency (31b) “All these things shall be added to you.”
III. Treasure your Forever (32-34) “Where your treasure is…your heart”
Christian Stewards recognize their true treasure in life. 
Pursue true treasure…
Sons discover His treasure (32) “Your Father…gives you the Kingdom”
Saints inherit His treasure (33) “A treasure in heaven does not fail…”
Servants enjoy His treasure (34) “Where your treasure is, there your…” 
Application to life: Many, here today, are on the Journey enjoying the Successful Life of a Steward. However, many if not most, need to discover the true joy and peace found in life measured by God’s standard of success. To be sure it’s a Journey of faith, but it is worth it! You’ll enjoy the fulfillment of His abundant life today and the assurance of abundance and eternal purpose in Heaven! Aren’t you ready to experience the Steward’s Successful life?