Macedonia Baptist Church
Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sermons-Sermon Notes

Series: Wisdom for Your Family
Message: The Validation of Seniors
Text: Proverbs 16 (AM 5/31/20)
We stand on the shoulders of those who go before us.  This rings true in our Church, Community and Country. How grateful we are for the legacy of those who’ve gone before us! The Wisdom writer in Proverbs 16 seems to lists the qualities and blessings of a seasoned adult. Then adds a fitting summation…
“The silver-haired head is a crown of glory…”
Today on Golden Age Sunday we pause to consider the heritage of Seniors. Daily we are the beneficiaries of lives lived well. While they all have feet of clay like us, their footprints guide us into our uncertain future. Our Post Pandemic “New Normal” desperately needs their influence.
Senior Adults Know the Way and Show the Way:
S – Seniors Salvation (6) “In mercy and truth atonement is provided…”
      Key: Seniors have found the Lord
E – Seniors Example (3; 9) “The Lord directs his steps…”
      Key: Seniors are following the Lord
N – Seniors Nature (13; 24) “They love him who speaks what is right…”
       Key: Seniors are fountains of truth
I – Seniors Instruction (20; 24) “Who heeds the Word wisely will find good”
     Key: Seniors foundation is the Word
O – Seniors Obsession (16; 25) “How much better to get wisdom than gold”
       Key: Seniors focus is upon God’s Wisdom
R – Seniors Reward (31) “The silver-haired head is a crown of glory…”
       Key: Seniors fame is the legacy of His Glory 
Application to life: Have you hugged a Senior Adult lately? Well if you haven’t you should (Air hugs please)! Thank you Godly Seniors for showing us the way by the example of your Christ Centered lives. Let’s take this opportunity to evaluate the projection of our lives. Will our shoulders be worthy of standing on? The Church is but one generation away from extinction!
Series: God’s Wisdom for your Family
Message: The Virtue of a Good Neighbor
Passages from Proverbs (5/24/20 AM)

Many of you are familiar with the popular insurance company’s slogan – Like a good neighbor State Farm is there! Jesus admonished us in the Great Commandment to love our Neighbor as ourselves. Proverbs is a running commentary on the qualities of a good neighbor. I’ve arranged some 20 insights into the 10 Commandments of a Good Neighbor. Remember, to have good neighbors, we must be a good neighbor! Today Macedonia celebrates 167 years of being a Good Neighbor to one another and our community!

N - Command #1- Like a Good Neighbor Meet Their Needs (3:27-28)
      “Do not say to your neighbor Go, and come back…” (28)

E - Command #2 - Like a Good Neighbor Be an Encourager (3:29)
      “Do not devise evil against your neighbor…” (29)

I - Command #3 - Like a Good Neighbor Don’t overstay your Invite (25:17)
     “Seldom set foot in your neighbor’s house…” (17)

G - Command #4 – Like a Good Neighbor Act Graciously (14:21)
      “He who despises his neighbor sins…” (21)

H - Command #5 – Like a Good Neighbor Be Honest (26:18-19)
      “Like a madman…is the man who deceives his neighbor” (19)

B - Command #6 – Like a Good Neighbor Be a Blessing (27:9-10) 
      “The sweetness of a mans friend gives delight by hearty counsel…” (10)

O - Command #7 – Like a Good Neighbor Promote Openness (18:17; 27:6)
      “Faithful are the wounds of a friend….” (6)

R - Command #8 – Like a Good Neighbor Guard Their Reputation (11:9)
      “The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor…” (9)

L - Command #9 – Like a Good Neighbor Share the Lord (11:14 & 30)
      “He who wins souls is wise…” (30)

Y - Command #10 – Like a Good Neighbor Willingly Yield (25:8-11 & 18)
      “Debate you case with your neighbor and do not disclose the secret…” (9)

Application to life: Are you being a Good Neighbor in your Church Family and Community? God has strategically placed us to live and share the Gospel.