Macedonia Baptist Church
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Sermons-Sermon Notes

Series: The Disciples Life
Message: The Surrendered Life
Text: Luke 9:23-27 (AM 1/24/21)
How would you respond if pressed to share the most important decision in your life? Would companion, college, career or children top the list? These are all important life decisions. However, the Christian would point to the day they decided to follow Jesus. All other decision pale in comparison. Too be sure it is the best decision of our life! But what does it mean to be His Disciple? Jesus concisely explains in today’s text. Jesus is at a watershed moment in His ministry. Drawn by His teaching and miracles, massive crowds follow Him. He is intent upon separating His fans from His followers. Are you simply a fan of Jesus or are you a follower? Jesus is not content to be added to your life, He must become your life, if you are His Disciple. 
1st Discipleship is a Decision (23a) “If anyone desires to come after Me…”
Key: It is a product of our Conversion
2nd Discipleship is Devotion (23b) “Let him deny himself…”
Key: Our passion is now Christ
3rd Discipleship is a Discipline (23c) “And take up His Cross…”
Key: We pursue our kingdom Calling
4th Discipleship is Daily (23d) “Daily…”
Key: Participation in the Kingdom is our Conviction
5th Discipleship is a Destination (23c) “And follow Me…”
Key: We pleasure in our Conformation
Application to life: Webster defines a fan as an enthusiastic admirer. Tragically, our culture and churches are filled with Jesus fans who don Christian T-shirts, jewelry and bumper stickers. However, discipleship is a radical call to follow Jesus. Jesus calls His Followers to the Surrendered Life.
He will not be added to our life, He must become our life. This decision forever changes us and challenges those around us with claims of Christ.
Series: A Disciples Life
Life Lessons from Luke
Message: A Saved Life
Text: Luke 8:4-15 (AM 1/17/21)
Heart health is a national obsession. Many of our New Year resolutions focused on diet and exercise are for our heart health. Since heart disease is the leading cause of death it behooves us to count calories, carbs, and cholesterol! While physical heart disease can be fatal, Jesus reminds us that spiritual heart disease is eternally fatal. In the Parable of the Sower Jesus admonishes us to take a spiritual heart exam. Is yours a Calloused; Compulsive; Cluttered or Christlike heart? It matters…eternally!
I. The Father’s Devoted Heart (4-5a; 9-12a)
Key: The Father passionately dispenses the Seed 
The Father’s compassion (4a) “A sower went out to sow his seed…”
The Father’s chosen (10) “To you…the mysteries of the kingdom”
The Father’s commission (4b) “As he sowed…”
II. The Fatally Deceived Heart (5b-7; 12b-14)
Key: The Enemy purposely distracts us from the Seed  
The calloused heart (12) “The devil comes & takes away the Word…”
The compulsive heart (13) “Believes for a while… (but) falls away”
The cluttered heart (14) “Choked with cares, riches & pleasures of life”
III. The Faithful Disciples Heart (8; 15) 
Key: The Follower prayerfully devours the Seed
A disciple is converted (15a) “Heard the Word…with a good heart”
A disciple is committed (15b) “Heard the Word…keep(s) it”
A disciple is copious (15c) “Heard the Word…bear fruit with patience”
Application to life: The Parable of the Sower in reality, is the Parable of the Soils or hearts. God is faithful to provide us the Gospel Seed. However, the Father has entrusted us with the care of our soil or heart.  Examine your life, is your heart Calloused? Compulsive? Cluttered? Or is your heart Christlike? Has the Gospel seed transformed your heart and life? Is your life bearing fruit?
Series: A Disciples Life
Life Lessons from Luke
Message: A Selfless Life
Text: Luke 7:36-50 (1/10/21)
Let me pray about it. It is the common response in the average Baptist church. The question? Will you be willing to serve through His Church? Service is seen as a duty we preform instead of a devotion we provide. Luke introduces us to a party-crashing woman who gives us a whole new prospective on ministry. Finding herself at the feet of Jesus, she was radically redeemed and ravished by His Grace. Supernaturally transformed she became a selfless servant. His Church and Kingdom are desperate for this kind of selfless servant. Let us learn how from this party-crashing woman.
1st A Radical Resolve (44a) “Do you see this woman…”
Key: We are all accepted at Jesus feet
2nd A Radical Repentance (44b) “She has washed my feet with her tears…”
Key: We all acknowledge sin at Jesus feet 
3rd A Radical Rejoicing (45) “This woman has not ceased to kiss My feet…”
Key: We are all amazed at Jesus feet
4th A Radical Relationship (46) “Has anointed my feet with fragrant oil…”
Key: We are all abandoned at Jesus feet
A Selfless Life does what they can, all they can, while they can
5th A Radical Redemption (47-49) “Her sins, which are many, are forgiven”
Key: We are all affirmed at Jesus feet
6th A Radical Rest (50) “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace…” 
Key: We all abide at Jesus feet
Application to life: It is common to find ourselves in a rut, even in our walk with Jesus. You know the definition of a rut? A grave with both ends removed! We are not living, but simply existing. The refreshing, radical experience of the party crashing woman gives us a needed, new perspective. Aren’t you ready to humbly come to the feet of Jesus? Abandoned and abiding in Him you will daily long to do what you can, all you can, while you can for His Church, Kingdom and Glory. You will be the one blessed in 2021. 
Series: A Disciples Life
Message: A Sober Life
Problems Find Purpose with Jesus
Text: Luke 5:1-11 (AM 1/03/21)
Peter and his companions were bone tired. Their hands were blistered, and their muscles ached. To complicate matters their nets were empty. There was no fruit from a long night of labor. Disappointment filled their hearts and despair dogged their future. They were at the end of their rope! It was the perfect place for Jesus to work. You see, Problems Find Purpose with Jesus!
1st Our Failures make great pulpits for God (3)
      “He sat down and taught the multitudes from the boat…”
God uses problems for our good and His glory (Rom 8:28)
2nd When we are Finished God can begin (5a)
      “We have toiled all night and caught nothing…”
Surrender releases God’s strength in us (2 Cor 12:9)
3rd It is through our Faith that God works (4-5)
      “Nevertheless, at Your word I will let down the net…”
Trust unleashes God’s treasure for us (Matt 17:20)
4th God brings Fruit from our faith (6)
      “When they had done this, they caught a great number of fish…”
Obedience unlocks heavens opulence (Eph 3:20)
5th Discover great Fellowship in His victories (7 & 9)
      “For he and all who were with them were astonished at the catch…”
God pleasures in our praise (Lk 17:17)
6th We find purpose in Following Jesus (10)
      “Do not be afraid, from now on you will catch men…”
Our Problems reveal His purposes (1 Cor 10:13)
7th Forsaking all we can follow Him (11)
      “They forsook all and followed Him…”
His presence daily reveals our purpose (Matt 16:26)
Application to life: Jesus interrupted Peter’s pity party. Isn’t that just like God? Jesus had plans for Peter. He has plans for you. God often reveals His plans by first revealing Himself in our problems. Hear Him – If He is able to fix your problem, He can empower you…To be fishers of men. Follow Him!