Macedonia Baptist Church
Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Sermons-Sermon Notes

Series: Wisdom for Your Family
Message: The Valiant Father
Text: Proverbs 4 (AM 6/21/20)
Our beloved Nation is divided and in turmoil. Every commentator on evening news rants about our problems and reveals their “solution”. We know Jesus is the only solution for America. Beyond the obvious, the source of our cultures peril is the dysfunctional family and the distracted church. If we delve deeper to the core of our cultural woes it’s the absence of the Father in too many of our homes. “Woke” sociologists contend that fathers are optional if not obsolete.  Solomon at the onset of his reign was the wisest man on the planet. His instruction for the family and father’s is not woke, but is God’s timeless Word.
I. Fathers are Examples (1) “Hear my children the instruction…”
Key: Dads are a flawed, genuine characterization of the Fathers Love.
Children look and listen to learn from dad’s life.
II. Fathers are Educators (2-4) “I give good doctrine…”
Key: Dads use life as a classroom to disciple your children.
Fathers your children will learn from His Word if you love it. 
III. Fathers are Exhorters (5-9) “Wisdom is the principle thing, get wisdom” 
Key: Dads pursue God’s Character so your kids embrace His World View
Fathers love wisdom so your children will be His legacy.
IV. Fathers are Encouragers (10-13) “Your steps will not be hindered…”
Key: Dads create a climate for your kids to flourish.
Fathers limit sins influence to lengthen your children’s life.
V. Fathers are Engineers (14-19) “The path of the just is like…”
Key: Dads guide the conduct of your children towards faithfulness.
Father’s light your children’s path to lead them from evil.
VI. Fathers are Emissaries (20-27) “Keep your heart with all diligence…”
Key: Dads above all else share Christ with your children.
Share His Love with your children that they may truly live.  
Application: Grateful for the love of imperfect dads who point us to our Father.
Series: Wisdom for our Families
Message: The Victorious Family – Part 2
Proverbs 3:5-12 (AM 6/14/20)
God has ordained only two institutions – the Family and His Church. We can readily see they both are under relentless attack by our culture orchestrated by the Adversary. Annually we focus on encouraging and instructing the family. We know as the Family goes so goes the Church, Community and Country! The book of Proverbs is a virtual encyclopedia of insight for healthy Homes. I believe our text today serves as the foundational instruction manual for both the Faithful and Family. God blesses the walk, marriage and family of those who employ the four habits of the wise. Let’ explore the last two…
Habit #1 – Rest in the Lord and Embrace His Path (5-6)
Habit #2 – Rely on the Lord and Experience His Provision (7-8)
Habit #3 – Families Revere the Lord and Enjoy His Peace (7-8)
Reverence brings confidence in the Kingdom
In Awe of Him (7a) “Fear the Lord…” 
Abide in Him (7b) “And depart from evil…”
Affirmation from Him (8a) “It will be health to your flesh…”
He is our Advocate (8b) “Strength to your bones…” 
Habit #4 – Families Respect the Lord and Enjoy His Protection (11-12)
Humility is our connection to the King
Aligned with Him (11a) “Do not despise the chastening of the Lord…”
Accept from Him (11b) “Nor detest His correction…”
Appreciative of Him (12a) “For whom the Lord loves He corrects…”
Assurance from Him (12b) “Just as a father the son whom he delights”
Application to life: Would God say your family is wise? Are you daily Revering the Lord? Respecting His discipline?  Our loving Heavenly Father longs to bring His Peace and Protection for you and your family. Those who employ the Habits of the Wise enjoy His Blessings. The Pandemic has reminded us of what’s truly important in life. May our Families emerge healthier and stronger than ever!