Macedonia Baptist Church
Friday, December 04, 2020

Sermons-Sermon Notes

Series: When Jesus Comes
Message: Our Residence – Home at Last!
Text: Revelation 21:1-22:7 (AM 9/20/20)
When Joshua our oldest was a just a toddler he’d always announce our arrival at the end of a trip. When the house came in view he would gleefully say, “Home!” The final event in the unfolding drama of eschatology is God’s creation of the new heaven and earth. When the Saints joyfully arrive at their final destination in Heaven we too can exclaim “Home”!  It is a healthy discipline for us to remember that we are pilgrims passing through this world.  In the final two chapters of Revelation John describes our final residence and relationships with stunning imagery. Let’s discover what God has in store for His Children. One can only imagine the spender and satisfaction of our home.
I. Our Residence in Heaven (21:1-3; 9-21)
We’ll revel in a new Creation
The description – A radiant Bride (1-3) “Prepared as a Bride…”
The details – A royal Building (9-21) “Showed me the great city…”
The delight – A radical Blessing (4) “There shall be no more pain…”
II. Our Relationship in Heaven (21:4-5; 22:1-5)
We’ll revel in our near Creator
The Sovereign who rules (5) “Then He who sat upon the Throne…”
The Savior we remember (22) “The Lamb are its temple…”
The Shepherd’s resources (22:1-5) “A pure river of water of life…”
III. Our Role in Heaven (21:6-7)
We’ll revel in a new Civilization
The Faithfull’s Citizen (7a) “He who overcomes shall inherit all…”
The Father’s Children (7b) “I will be His God and He shall be my son”
The Fulfilled Christian (6) “I will give of the fountain…him who thirsts”  
Application to life: What should we do in response to the blessings of Heaven? Jesus tells us, “Behold I come quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.” Revelation 22:7. First we should Rejoice considering all that Jesus is preparing for us! Secondly we should be sure that we are Ready for His immanent return. Finally, we must Reach-out to others who have not yet heard or responded to the glorious Good News!
Series: When Jesus Comes
Message: Their Remorse – The Judgment of the Lost
Text: Revelation 20:11-15 (AM 9/13/20)
The epic struggle between the Savior and Satan began in heaven and moved to earth at man’s Fall in the Garden. The battle between good and evil has been splashed across the pages of secular and sacred history. Surveying the pages of Revelation this summer, we’ve witnessed the titanic clash unfold in the Tribulation and culminate in the cataclysmic battle of Armageddon. One last time Satan’s evil is unleashed at the final climactic confrontation at the Millennial’s end. Human history now ends with the Resurrection of the dead. Blessed are those who take part in the first Resurrection of the Saints. The final Resurrection is for the Great White Throne Judgment of the lost. Sentenced to the Lake of fire, they will suffer the Second Death forever!
I. The Place of Judgment (11-12a; 21:8)
Finally, judgment begins
The Savior who sits (11a) “A great white throne and Him who sat…”
The Splendor that shines (11b) “From whose face…(they) fled away”
The Sinner who stands (12a) “I saw the dead standing before God...”
II. The Pages of Justice (12b-13)
Gratefully, justice prevails
His Standard – The Book of Law (12b) “And books were opened…”
His Sovereignty – The Book of Works (12c) “According to …works”
His Salvation – The Book of Life (12d) “The Book of Life…”
III. The Punishment of the Judged (14-15; 14:10-11)
Tragically, the second death begins
Unending Suffering (14-15; 10a) “The lake of fire.. the second death”
Unending Sadness (11) “Their torment ascends forever and ever…” 
Unending Separation (10b) “Tormented…the presence of the Lamb”
Application to life: Would God allow church attending, scripture quoting, God fearing, faithfully serving, and morally good people to go to hell? Jesus said He would… “I never knew you; depart from Me!” Matt 7:23. The key to Salvation is not a prayer, church membership or works…it’s a relationship. The eternal question is Does He know you and do you know Him?! Don’t be eternally wrong about Salvation, trust Christ today! Tomorrow may be too late!
Series: When Jesus Comes
Major Themes of the End Times
Message: Our Reign - The Millennial Kingdom
Text: Rev 20:4-15 & Is 65:17-25 (AM 9/6/20)
The Prophets foretold it, the Jews longed for it, Jesus promised it, and John described it – the Millennial Reign of Christ.  Man has toiled for a Utopia on earth but only God can deliver. Today, we explore the next Act in our series – When Jesus Comes. We’ve explored Triumph – Events in Heaven; Tribulation – Events on Earth and now Transcendence – Events in the New Heaven and Earth. The Millennial Reign will be a time of unparallel tranquility on earth. Believers will not watch from the sidelines we will have the privilege of ruling with Christ. God will give us specific responsibility in direct proportion to our faithfulness today. Let’s explore the implications of this incredible season of future human history.
I. The Saints Reign (20:4-6 & Isaiah 65:17-25)
The Saints will reign with Christ in unparallel paradise.
Our Position as Rulers (4a) “And I saw thrones and they sat on them”
The People who Rule (4b-6; 1 Cor 6:2) “Saints will judge the world”
The Place we Reign (4c & Is 65:17-25) “They…reigned…1,000 years”
The redeemed will enjoy an unparalleled paradise and purpose!
II. The Servant’s Role (Matt 25:14-30)
Our role in the Kingdom is determined by our faithfulness to the King.
A Servant’s Pleasure (23a) “Well done good and faithful servant”
A Servant’s Passion (23b) “You have been faithful over a few things”
A Servant’s Prize (23c) “I will make you ruler over many things…”
May the affirmation of His reward eclipse the allurement of this world
III. Satan’s Rebellion (20:7-10)
Yet, Sinners will rebel in unprecedented provocation.
Satan’s Plot (7-9) “Satan…will go out to deceive the nations…”
Sinners’ Plight (9b-10) “Fire came down from God…devouring them”
Savior’s Purpose (Gen 3:15 & Jer 17:9-10) “He shall bruise His heel”
In spite of the blessings of His rule the nations will blatantly rebel
Application: Jesus reminds us to daily live with one eye on the Eastern sky! Why? Our Role in His future Kingdom is determined by our Faithfulness today to the King! Is your name penned in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Are you pursuing Christ’s purpose for your life? Have you found your place in His Church? 
Series: When Jesus Comes
Major Themes of the End Times
Message: Heaven’s Coming – The Second Coming of Christ
Text: Revelation 19:11-20:3 (AM 8/30/20)
The stage has been set for the Second Coming of Christ. The raptured Church is gathered with Christ around the Throne of heaven. The Lamb, who alone is worthy, opened the Scroll. God, from His Throne in heaven, has poured out His judgments on the earth. The world is a spiritual wasteland of misery. The seven years of Tribulation is now drawing to a close. The Antichrist and false prophet have built a one-world economic, religious and military confederation called the Beast. A spiritually cold world has not only turned from God but turned upon Him! Beneath the haze of smoldering judgment, God has prepared Israel and sent an epic worldwide revival. It is now time for Christ’s Second Advent and final destruction of His enemies!
I. The Description of the Victor (19:11-16 & Daniel 7:13-14)
    No one will escape Christ’s triumphant return!
The righteous Judge announced! (11) “He was called…Faithful & True”
The reigning King appears! (12-13) “On His Head were many crowns”
The radiant Warrior avenges! (14-16) “He should strike the nations”
II. The Demonstration of the Victory (19:17-20)
     No one can envision the carnage of that day!
The worlds rogue Nations (19 & 16:14) “The beast… kings of the earth”
The Lamb’s rout of the Beast (20) “These two were cast…into the Lake”
The Lord’s ruin of His enemies (17-18; 14:19-20) “The great wine press”
III. The Destiny of the Victims (19: 21 & 20:1-3)
      No one will evade the justice of our Judge!
The Rebellion is vanquished (19:21) “The rest were killed w/ the sword”
The Rebels are vacated (20:1-3) “Bound him for a thousand years”
The Righteous are vindicated (19:2) “He has judged the great harlot”
Jesus has prepared wayward Israel; produced a worldwide harvest; punished the world’s rebellion and presented His waiting Bride
Application: Will you be a spectator or participator in the Second Coming?  There are some practical steps we should take to make ourselves Ready!
Recognize the Seasons; Receive the Savior; Regularly Support His Church; Radically Serve Him thru His Church; Routinely Share Him with your world. Rally your Family and Class to be on mission with Christ!
Series: When Jesus Comes
Message: Humanity’s Cast – Witnesses at War
Text: Revelation 7; 11; 14 (AM 8/16/20)
It is easy to miss the main plot of the Tribulation. The Church has been raptured to heaven. The seven years of terror has begun. The Antichrist and false prophet are building a one-world confederation. The Bible calls this economic, military, and religious alliance the Beast. A spiritually cold world has not only turned from God but turned upon Him! The worthy Lamb from His Throne has opened the Scroll, and begun pouring out His judgments on the earth. The world is a physical and spiritual wasteland of destruction and misery. But there is hope beneath the haze of smoldering judgment. God has prepared wayward Israel and the unevangelized gentiles for a worldwide revival of epic proportion! 
I. The Tribulation’s Havoc (Rev 4-19)
A day of unimaginable devastation
Unequaled Devastation (6:15-18) “They blasphemed God…in pain”
Unrestrained Deception (13:3;7-8a) “The world…followed the beast”
Unrelenting Death (24:21-22) “Unless those days were shortened…”
II. The Tribulation’s Harvesters (Rev 11 & 15)
A day of unencumbered declaration
The defiant witness (Rev 11) “I will give power to my witnesses” (3)
The divine witnesses (Rev 7) “144,000 of all the tribes of Israel…” (4)
The destiny of the witness (Rev 14) “The harvest of the earth…” (15)
III. The Tribulation’s Harvest (Rev 7)
A day of unparalleled decision
The demographic of the harvest (9a) “A great multitude…all nations”
The declaration of the harvest (9b-12) “Salvation belongs to God…”
The destination of the harvest (13-17) “The Lamb…will shepherd them”
Application to life: If the horrified inhabitants of a terrified world in the Tribulation experience a world-wide revival, could we not see one today? The answer is yes! The only thing standing in the way of a sweeping Spiritual Renewal is a distracted Church. God is waiting for a church or a denomination to become broken (2 Chronicles 7:14) in such a way that He might use them. Aren’t you ready to see that happen in your life, family and our Church?!