Macedonia Baptist Church
Monday, September 20, 2021

Sermons-Sermon Notes

10 Specific Prayers for Revival & Spiritual Awakening
1. Ask God to bring deep conviction of sin, spiritual brokenness, a holy fear of God and genuine repentance among His people. There will be no revival without these elements and only God can produce them in His people. After all we cannot program or work up genuine brokenness and repentance. (2 Corinthians 7:10)
2. Pray for deep cleansing, genuine repentance, and spiritual power to engulf pastors and Christian leaders. Revival and spiritual awakening are extremely unlikely without a mighty move of God in pastors and Christian leaders. Renewed pastors are absolutely crucial to a move of God in our day! (Ephesians 6:14-20)
3. Pray for God to bestow spiritual hunger in His people and draw them to fervent intercession. God has to grant people the genuine faith and the fervent desire for prayer. With all our promotion and programming, we cannot “produce a genuine prayer movement. (Philippians 2:13)
4. Pray that God will bring loving unity in our churches and a deep harmony between our churches. Many churches need healing among members and many churches need to stop competing jealously with other churches. (John 13:35)
5. Pray for God to fill His people with a passion to see people saved. (Only God can give a genuine burden for souls.) Until God’s people intensely pray for the lost and do aggressive soul winning revival will tarry. Be sure you are constantly praying for many lost people by name. (Romans 9:1-3)
6. Pray for God to give His people a passion for missions and starting churches. Great revivals produce an explosion of mission projects, new ministries and new church starts. Only God can grant a genuine passion for missions. (Matthew 28:19)
7. Pray that God will call thousands into ministry, missions and Christian service. Many churches are dying for lack of soul winners, teachers and church workers. Furthermore, we can start only as many churches as we have church planters to start them.
(Matthew 9:37)
8. Pray that God will pour out His Spirit like a mighty purifying flood. Ask God to purify our “motives as we pray for revival. After all it is possible to pray for revival for selfish or ambitious reasons. Our motives must be solely for: (a) the glory of God, and (b) the increase of the kingdom of God. We must not pray for revival just to solve our own problems or make our church successful in the eyes of men. (James 4:2)
9. Pray for a mighty move of conviction and salvation upon communities of cultural influence. Some key examples are Hollywood actors and producers, government officials, educators, teachers, and college professors, news and media people, talk shows hosts, comedians, homosexual activist’s groups, and the music industry. (1 Timothy 2:1-2) Provide specific lists for your congregation.
10. Specifically pray for God to pour out His Spirit in a fashion even greater than He did in America in 1858 and Wales in 1904. (Ten percent of Wales’ population was saved in five months!) Ask God for a modern day of Pentecost in the United States and Canada. (Mark 11:22-24; John 14:13-14.)
(Copied by permission from A Powerful Prayer Life by Gregory Frizzell)
Series: Back to the Future
Message: Life’s Defining Moments
Text: Genesis 32 (AM 9/19/21)
Defining moments are a real part of life. The moment can destroy, detour, or define us. Genesis is a parade of these critical junctures. Adam and the serpent; Cain and his offering; Noah and the ark; Abraham and the Call; Isaac on the Mount and now Jacob before Esau. We can identify with Jacob; he was a consummate schemer. He began his life clinging to the heel of his twin brother Esau! God worked in the life of Jacob developing his character, like he did his father Isaac and grandfather Abraham. Father Abraham would produce a Nation. Jacob would father the twelve tribes of that Nation. Jacob was a work in progress! In today’s text God would bring him to a Defining Moment in his faith walk. If we’re honest we are all a work in progress. The Father longs to bring each of through our Life Defining Moments. There He will transform our lives and revive His People. Let’s join God in MBC defining moment of Revival.
I. Defining Moments Grip us in Fear (1-8) “Jacob was greatly afraid…”
    Fear causes us to forget our focus
    Defining Moments seem to…
   1st Dwarf us (6) “Esau…is coming…four hundred men are with him”
   2nd Disable us (7a) “Jacob was greatly…distressed”
   3rd Distract us (7b) “So Jacob divided the people…and the flocks”
II. Defining Moments Generate in us Faith (9-12) “Deliver me I pray…”
Faith helps us to find our focus (God)
        Defining Moments enable us to…
        1st Define His presence (9) “O God of my father Abraham…”
        2nd Discover His provision (10) “I am not worthy…of all the mercies”
        3rd Disable our peril (11-12) “For You said, I will surely treat you well…”
III. Defining Moments Guide our Future (13-32) “A Man wrestled w/ him”
Focus helps us to fulfill God’s purposes
   Defining Moments will…
   1st Help our flesh to Die (22-24) “Then Jacob was left alone…”
   2nd Help His purposes be Discerned (25-26) “He touched…his hip”
   3rd Help find our Destiny (27-31) “You struggled with God and…prevailed”
Application to life: We all face defining moments in our lives. We can run from them or embrace them. Jacob embraced the moment and God used Him!  Likewise, today the Father longs to transform your life and revive our Church.
Series: Back to the Future
Message: Becoming a Friend of God
Text: Genesis 22:1-19 (AM 9/12/21)
What is life’s greatest achievement? Amassing riches? Accomplishing fame? Accumulating friends? Attaining fulfillment? In God’s economy there 
Is no greater triumph than becoming a Friend of God. Abraham’s journey reveals the path to the pinnacle of success - Intimacy with the Father. In the Covenant, God promised Abraham a Name, a Land, a Nation, and a Blessing. Wrapped up in the promised land and promised son, Abraham discovered the greatest treasure – a personal relationship with God. The Father is at work today through His Church. He longs for us to join Him on the journey and make the same radical discovery – becoming the Father’s FRIEND… 
F – The Father’s Announcement (1) “God tested Abraham…”
Key: God pursues a love relationship with us
R – The Radical Assignment (2) “Take now…whom you love…and offer him”
Key: God challenges us to love Him more than anything or anyone
I – The Inescapable Adjustment (3-6) “Abraham took the wood…and a knife”
Key: When our relationship is right, our obedience is complete
E – The Expedient Assurance (7-8) “God will provide for Himself the lamb…”
Key: By faith we discover where God guides, He always provides
N – The Necessary Altar (9-11) “Abraham built an altar…bound his son”
Key: You come to know God as you experience Him in obedience
D – The Divine Affirmation (12-14) “For now I know that you fear God”
Key: Intimacy with God is enjoyed when rivals are dismissed
Joy in life’s journey is found in being the Father’s Friend…
1st The call is open to anyone!
Friendship isn’t reserved for the spiritually elite
2nd The casual need not apply!
The Father is looking for fully devoted followers
3rd It requires a lifetime commitment
There are no shortcuts to intimacy
4th Friendship with God is costly
Intimacy grows out of our abandoned obedience to His purposes
5th Kingdom investments are completely secure
You will never lose what you freely give to God