Macedonia Baptist Church
Saturday, July 31, 2021

Sermons-Sermon Notes

Series: Back to the Future
Message: Our Creator’s Compassion
Text: Genesis 3:1-24 (AM 7/25/21)
Never has anyone fallen farther. A perfect creation, communion and community were theirs to enjoy…for eternity! Yet in a moment Adam and Eve forfeited a Paradise for a Plague. Genesis chapter three chronicles’ histories most horrible transaction. But it gets worse. According to scripture our grandparents included us in their Will! “Through one man sin entered the world…” Romans 5:12. There’s good news! Cowering in their fallen foolishness the Father steps in to rescue and redeem His creation. That same redeeming Grace is available for you! It matters not how far you fallen, how radical your run or how clever your cover. The Father comes for you!
I. Satan’s Deadly Schemes (1-7)
Key: The Devil’s plan is to deceive and destroy.
1st The Tempter (1a) “Now the serpent was more cunning than any…”
2nd His Tactics (1b-6) “Has God indeed said…?” (1b)
Doubt the Word (1b) “You shall not eat of EVERY tree…?”
Distort the Word (2-3) “Nor shall you TOUCH it…”
Deny the Word (4-5) “Then the serpent said…You will be LIKE God”
Destroy our Walk (6) “She took of its fruit and ATE…”
3rd His Triumph (7) “Then the eyes of both of them were open…”
Attacks our appetite for pleasure; possessions and pride (1 Jn 2:16)
II. Salvation’s Divine Story (8-24)
Key: Our Savior’s passionate pursuit and restoration.
     1st God’s Investigation (8-13) “They heard the sound of the Lord…walking”
God’s compassionate call (8-9) “The Lord called…Where are you?”
Sin’s condemning consequence (10) “I heard your voice…and I hid”
Man’s convicting commentary (11-13) “The serpent deceived me…”
     2nd Sin’s Implication (14-19) “I will greatly multiply your sorrow…”
Notice Satan’s sentence (14-15) and Man’s sorrow (16-19)
     3rd The Father’s Intervention (20-24) “God made tunics… & clothed them”
Notice God’s gracious compassion (20) and care (21-24)
Application to life: Since the fall, Sin has devastated lives and distanced us from our Creator. It matters not where you’re hiding, the Father is pursuing you! Heed His voice and take His Hand – Personal redemption and passionate restoration await your response. Where are you?
Series: Back to the Future
Message: A Glimpse of Heaven
God’s Plan for Man
Text: Genesis 2:8-25 (AM 7/18/21)
Man’s first home was in a Garden. The Saints final home will be in a Garden. These Gardens come from the Creators provision of a new Heaven and Earth. The first at the dawn of time the other at the consummation of the Age. God’s plan for the Crown of His Creation began in a Garden and will end in a Garden. (Genesis 2:8; Revelation 21:1-22:5) Today in Genesis 2 Moses under the inspiration of the Spirit expands on his initial dialogue of Creation.
Here God gives us a glimpse of His intent for man to enjoy Him in an uninhibited relationship immersed in a perfect environment. Sin corrupted that for Adam and Eve. Our fallen world and life has interrupted that design today. 
However, there are some immutable principles for us to glean for life today.
1st God’s Intimate Design (8) “God planted a garden eastward…”
Key: God’s love for us is personal
2nd God’s Intentional Detail (9-14) “God made every tree…pleasant…good”
Key: God’s love for us is seen in His provision
3rd God’s Implied Duty (15) “God took the man…in the garden…to keep it”
Key: God’s love for us is practical
4th God’s Important Directions (16-17) “But of (this) tree…you shall not eat”
Key: God’s love for us is provisional
5th God’s Instructional Discovery (18-20) “It is not good…should be alone”
Key: God’s love for us is purposeful
6th God’s Inspirational Delight (21-23) “This is now bone of my bones…”
Key: God’s love for us is passionate
7th God’s irrefutable Design (24-25) “They shall become one flesh…”
Key: God’s love for us is paternal
Application to life: Our Heavenly Father has given us a practical picture of how He longs to relate to the Crown of His Creation both vertically and horizontally. Have you embraced His plan for Creation? Are you enjoying Communion with Him? Do you experience Community with your family and His Fellowship? Truly, “It is not Good that man should be alone!”